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Introduction to GOP Data Center

This section is designed to serve as an introduction to GOP Data Center.

GOP Data Center is an online application designed to allow users access to a variety of voter data. The application allows users to search for individual voter records and create lists using a variety of criteria including geography, party, vote history, and more.

Access to the application and site permissions are determined by each State Republican Party. If you are interested in accessing GOP Data Center, please contact your State Party.

The GOP Data Center online user guide will walk you through the commonly used features on the site. Please feel free to leave any comments on additional information that you would like to see, and we will do our best to accommodate you. We will also be updating this guide periodically with any additional updates to the application.

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The Help Center is not very helpful. How about providing some basic definitions and how instructions for newcomers?

Tony Conte, · Reply

Appears the data center is more interested in data than how to find lists, and exporting them. Just where do the exported lists go to. Can' find on my computer(s) in xls or cvs formats.

Mike Foote, · Reply

Not the best site I have visited. Lacks many fundamental details. It seems the developers assume the person is knowledgeable with the abbreviated list names, and terminology. The fact is many precinct chairs are new and have no knowledge of the terms. Maybe the video covers this, but for some reason you need a separate password you need to ask for. What is this all about? I am interested in the total county, but I have to check and save each precinct one at a time. With 88 precincts this takes a lot of time. Some precincts are missing or at least they show no data. Precinct 75 was new in the last election, but it seems to have no data.

Suggestion, get some people with little to no knowledge about the old VV and watch where and how they struggle and then provide info that resolves this. You might want to look at the superior training material provided by True The Vote. Their product is at the professional level. Hopefully when I get approved to look at the training video I will be more informed.

Jim Speiran, · Reply

I am interested in securing the primary voters in my precinct - in my city.....if I knew their names, I wouldn't need this. Is there a way to pull lists of names with voter history for a particular precinct in a particular county?

patbailon, · Reply

It would have been nice if someone with some common sense and a little actual in-the-field experience had been consulted for the menu design. I need precinct lists first of all. Where are the simple and easy to understand instructions on how to pull a precinct list. I do not even see the term mentioned. This is what happens when you let the "experts" take over and do not consult with the folks. The "experts" cost us the last election. I hope they do not cost us this one.

Joe Peters, · Reply

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